March 24, 2013

Well hello stranger!

Wow, I am un-abandoning this blog right now! So many things have changed since 3 years ago! I have a 15 month old daughter named Madison, and an amazing fire fighting boyfriend, Michael!

 I am working part time right now and mostly stay home with Madison. I plan to start writing on here (or coming up with a new blog name) about having fun with my daughter and watching her grow, trying my hand at recipes from Pinterest and various other sources (Michael is the chef in the house), crafts, freebies, testing products, and such!

I look forward to getting this blog in motion again! But as for now it is almost 2:00am and this mama needs some sleep!


May 25, 2010

black, white, red, and yellow

yikes it's been such a long time since my last post!! there's too much going on on the internet with facebook, twitter, tumblr, it's so hard to keep up. i just got back from my first visit to california last week. i was visiting my friends jay and alyse in long beach, and though i had a blast i was shocked at how chilly it was compared to up here. how backwards! there were so many cute little shops down there, mostly vintage resale, but all i could afford was buffalo exchange. i found some great long flowy tank tops perfect for this 90 degree weather we're having now! the pricey boutiques got me thinking about opening an etsy shop to re-sell vintage thrift, flea market, and yard sale finds. it seems like such a great idea, and fun! fingers crossed. justin has been re-teaching me the ropes of skateboarding the past few days. i used to know the basics years ago but i'm all rusty now and really want to get back into it. i'd like to get a brand new skateboard when i'm not so broke.. i spontaneously bought a black volkswagen bug yesterday and now i'm a little in the hole but hopefully not for long, especially if i can start turning dirt cheap goodies into big money! i made another polyvore set of what i'm currently digging...

it'll be my inspiration for when i have a little extra chunk of money to treat myself to a little sumthin' sumthin'.

November 28, 2009

happy christmas, again!

i thought i'd repost my christmas playlist that i've already started listening and adding to!

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long time no see

hello hello. i've been meaning to bring this blog back to life. much has happened. i've been with my boyfriend justin since june. in july my best friend and i had a huge pool party/show birthday extravaganza at my house. it was a wild time and the police made several appearances. i then decided it is more fun going to oversized parties than it is throwing them. in september i visited family in florida for a week. it was such a blast and i plan on visiting again next year. fall was too cold and rainy but i made the best of it by baking my favorite pumpkin cupcakes with torrie. we used this recipe, but we added chocolate chips and used pillsbury cream cheese frosting. we carved pumpkins with our boyfriends. i watched lots of scary movies and made caramel apples and apple crisp with justin. the night before halloween i went out dancing with another friend savannah. we went very creatively as a cats. halloween night i hung out backstage at a gwar show with torrie and we had a blast. i saw where the wild things are and LOVED IT! such an adorable movie!!! the soundtrack is great also. we got rid of cable and use netflix now. the first movie i received was the remake of helter skelter(not realizing it was the remake that i had queued up) i enjoyed it very much so! i've seen bits and pieces of the original and am about to add that one to the queue as well. also i'm reading the book. most recently i watched and returned "ciao manhattan" which i now wish to add to my personal dvd collection(along with the helter skelter remake and possibly the original).

my thanksgiving was nice which included my boyfriend and i, my mother, and my uncle and papa. i just started ripping down the panneling and wallpaper from my bedroom walls. what was underneath is a giant mess which is going to take a lot of work to beautify. we set up our fake tree last night and i already started my christmas shopping. i'm looking forward to christmas and plan on doing much baking and gift crafting. i recently started a pose doll making project. i figured out the head shaping part but i've been nervous about starting the face painting.

here is a photo of a few of the pose dolls in my collection which i have since added to.

and my ceramic deer collection which has sadly not been added to.

other than that i have been slacking on the picture uploading and picture taking as well.

May 6, 2009


my mom bought a horse named ally and last weekend we moved into a big house with a barn and a pool.

March 4, 2009


elsa mora's papercuts are so so cute. check em out in her blog! some of them are 3d and INSAAANE.